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OEM customized complete set of control devices

Depending on the comprehensive discipline advantages of Zhejiang university and the leading research results of National Engineering Research Center of industrial automation, Zhejiang University,based on the techonological accumulation of Focusing on intelligent instrument, programmable controller, distributed control system and control engineering application software platform of UWNTEK technical team in nearly ten years,and its OEM/ODM customized development and technical management, quality control and manufacturing management experience. Hangzhou UWNTEK automation system provide a number of OEM/ODM products customized development services, make customers' products unique, help customers sell their innovative products exclusively, create value added value for customers;

We offer a variety of special control modules and personalized professional solutions;provide reliable and stable design of system amd exterior industrial design scheme,high quality power supply design scheme, personalized auxiliary function design, customized product color pattern and company LOGO design;ensure  user's appropriate hardware and software solutions,provide the hardware platform which is close to the user's requirement to test, meet the customer's difference, personalized demand;concern about the customer's service condition ,ensure 24-hour tracking service.Major OEM/ODM development processes include:

1.Product specification phase: compile design instruction which would be inspected by users accroding to the customers requirements ;

2.Principle design phase: develop research and development plan accroding to design instruction,complete the feasibility test,Identify key technologies and components,compile product specification  instruction which would be inspected by users ;

3.Engineering design phase: Conduct engineering testing and design review,take resonable advice;

4.Design certification phase: Complete function test and make suggestion for revision;

5. Production trial preparation phase: Make small batch of products accroding to the specification of sample;

6. Customer testing phase: Sent samples to customers ,engineering service center do retesting and modification.