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UW6700 Intrinsic safety bus modules and system

Intrinsic safety distributed bus I/O modules and systems, combined with distributed bus I/O module and isolation security gate function;Including field communication module, intrinsic safe  intelligent I/O module, power module, etc, conform to GB3836.1,GB3836.4 explosion-proof criteria;direct reception of the pressure, liquid level, thermocouple, thermal resistance, actuator, switch volume, solenoid valve and other site intrinsic safety instrument signals  from the hazardous site (zone 0, 1 and 2),Communication connect  DCS, PLC and other master control systems.

  • Intrinsic safety distributed bus I/O units that configure redundant industrial fieldbus or communication networks,scheduling all I/O modules, using the backplane digital bus to connect each sensor measurement module, lossless data transmission, to realize module identification, automatic configuration, communication scheduling, bus diagnosis, online plug, failure maintenance and redundancy mechanism;
  • Intrinsic safety I/O module can be directly connected to the transmitter of the risking side,the sensor signals generated by the transmitter are transmitted from the dangerous side after isolation, and provide isolated power to the transmitter on the dangerous side.Insulation strength (intrinsic safety end and non-intrinsic safety end) : 2500Vac (1min);electromagnetic compatibility:It conforms to the GB/T18268 industrial equipment application requirements with  level 4 a anti-interference degree; explosion-proof certification:[Ex ia]IIC;
  • Communication module include UW6731two channels ModbusRTU communication module , UW6732 two channels CNet(UW) communication module,UW6733 Profibus DP slave station communication module and UW6736 GSM wireless transmission module,meet the demand for the access to the site's heterogeneous device nodes;and support communication module double or triple redundant configuration;
  • UW6761 Intrinsic safety general analog input module, implement the type selection of analog channel data, programmable amplifier, data collection,fault diagnosis,digital filtering ,temperature compensation,linearity correction,project transformation ,Support for the general input of industrial analog signal(Voltage/current/thermal resistance/thermocouple, including voltage: 0-10mv, 0-20mv, 0-100mv, 0-5v;Current: 0-10ma, 0-20ma, 4-20ma;Thermal resistance: Pt100, Cu50;Thermocouple: B, E, J, K, S, T),Signal type software configuration;
  • UW6766 Intrinsic safety analog output module, can verify, lock and protect the output of analog channel data; support 0~20mA、4~20mA、0~10mA output, can be set by software;Danger side output:Open circuit output voltage 24V,0~20 mA load resistance 550Ω,0~10mA load resistance 1100Ω; response time:1ms; with output recovery and breakage detection function;
  • UW6763 Intrinsic safety double channel digital input module, can realize the input of two way switching value,including dejittering and changing time stamp generation of switch input ;Support contact switch and NAMUR type proximity switch; danger side input: switch or proximity switch, distribution voltage about 8.2 V, short circuit current about 8mA; response time:input 20ms;breakage detection function;
  • UW6767 Intrinsic safety one channel switching input/output module, can realize the input and output of the switching value ,including dejittering and  changing time stamp generation of switch input,and switch output check, diagnosis, power lost memory, electricity protection, et;Single point switching  input or intrinsic safety power driving output can be configured by software;danger side input:switch or proximity switch, power distribution voltage maximum 24V, short circuit current about 5mA; danger side output:The output voltage is approximately 24V in open circuit, the output voltage >12V with 45mA current,current limit 45mA;response time:input 20ms, output <100ms;with output recovery and breakage detection function;it has multiple protection such as soft start, input short circuit protection, output power limitation, distribution and output limit flow;
  • Power module,low ripple, low temperature drift, high efficiency, high stability, high pressure isolation power design,it has multiple protection such as soft start, input short circuit protection, output power limitation, distribution output current-limiting; 

Communication configuration

CNet(UW)、ModbusRTU、Profibus DP、GSM;

Channel configuration


Analog input

Voltage:0-10mV、0-20mV、0-100mV、0-5V;Current:0-10mA、0-20mA、4-20mA;Thermal resistance:Pt100、Cu50;Thermocouple:B、E、J、K、S、T;

Analog output


Digital value input

Contact switch、NAMURproximity switch;

Digital value output

Intrinsic safety power driven output

Analog input accuracy


Analog output accuracy


Dielectric strength


(Intrinsic safety end and non intrinsic safety terminal)2500Vac(1min);


EN61000-4-2(ESD),four level a;EN61000-4-3(RS),four level a;EN61000-4-4(EFT),four level;EN61000-4-5(Surge),four level a;EN61000-4-6(CS),four level a;

Explosion-proof sign

[Ex ia Ga]IIC;

Power supply consumption


Module size


Work environment

Enviroment temperature:-20℃~60℃;Relative humidity:10%~90%RH(no condensation); Barometric pressure:80~110KPa;

Matching terminal

UW6711 16 channels intrinsic safety IO input/output terminal chassis  

Installing environment

The site installation of the product shall conform to GB3836.15-2000 "electrical equipment for explosive gas environment part 15: electrical installation of hazardous site (except coal and mine).The products are required to be installed in non-hazardous sites, and there shall be no strong vibration, impact and corrosive gases and dust in the surrounding environment.