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UWinTech control engineering application platform

The UWinTech control engineering application platform is based on multi-platform heterogeneous systems such as Windows 7 / Windows xp and real-time OS, adopting multitasking multithreading and component structure design, the collection of field data acquisition, the I/O module configuration module diagnosis, distributed real-time database, real-time control algorithm implementation, graphic monitoring and real-time operation, huge amounts of historical database, alarm and security mechanism, operating event log, engineering design document support and other functions in one. The engineer station programming configuration software, operator station graphics monitoring software, site control station real-time control software, run on different levels of hardware platform respectively, interacting various data , management and control information by controlling the network and system network, to complete various functions of the DCS coordinately.



  • Control engineering design and development platform based on multi-domain engineering object model;
  • Refine expertise and engineering experience to build and enrich the control engineering industry algorithms library ;
  • The reconfiguration and reuse mechanism of the industry algorithms library, will automatically generates the control program and improves the programming efficiency;
  • Hardware resources browsing and monitoring, configuration and diagnostics, fault location to channel;
  • Real-time data quality stamps ensure the reliability and availability of real-time data;
  • Distributed global real-time database, building unified interface of system data and external data;
  • Cluster distributed real-time database, data volume 10 million points, providing MES/ERP interface;
  • Multi - language hybrid programming integrated development environment, support FBD, LD, SFC, ST, IL;
  • Image gallery, user-defined panel, screen template, etc., generate vivid and intuitional images efficiently;
  • Scripting language, load personalized function and convenient operation, build vivid scene picture;
  • Engineering collaborative programming, multi-person synchronous programming of large projects, reduced front-end engineering  time;
  • Engineering remote update to avoid the project personnel going back and forth frequently  for minor changes;
  • The project completion chart is exported and the project completion drawing is automatically generated for site maintenance;
  • Security control and security guard, realize reliable communication, abnormal detection, tampering block, etc;
  • Web remote access, support PC, iPad, iPhone, Android and other intelligent terminals.