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Hangzhou UWNTEK Automation company was recognized as the research and development center Release time:2016-06-18 View count:

September 2015,according to the instruction of document 140 of Management method of Zhejiang high-tech enterprise research and development center [2015],the construction of Research and development center of the provincial high-tech enterprise of the control and control system was approved.
Hangzhou UWNTEKAutomation system co., LTD. is equipped with complete checkout equipment, engineering and testing equipment;establishes a marketing system for control system products and has set up 8 domestic offices, 3 subsidiaries, and developed more than 200 equipment manufacturers, engineering companies and agencies.The product brand UWNTEK and company brand UWNTEK AUTOMATION were founded.The company won the first prize of national science and technology progress in 2013, and the first prize of science and technology progress of the national ministry of education in 2014;and received national key high-tech enterprises, software enterprises of Zhejiang, small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises of Zhejiang, enterprise high and new technology research and development center of Hangzhou,experimentalenterprisepatent pilot enterprises of Hangzhou, undergraduates practice base of Hangzhou, ISO9001 quality management system certification and other related enterprises honor and qualifications.
Hangzhou UWNTEKAutomation system co., LTD. Is aiming to create the best control system products and become the leading supplier of industrial automation,focuses on the research and development and industrialization of new generation control technology, designs and develops the whole series control system hardware module and software platform independently including UW900 high reliable security control system,UW600/UW500 large scale distributed control system,UW2100 integrated controller and UWinTech Control engineering application platform.Various control system products have been widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum refining, petrochemical, steel, energy, building materials, light industry, papermaking, environmental protection and other industries of more than 3,000 sets.The company has become a new enterprise in China automation industry control equipment and control system.
The UWNTEK control equipment and control system research and development center of the provincial high-tech enterprise is a relatively independent provincial research and development centerbuilt in Hangzhou UWNTEKAutomation System co., LTD,is the core of enterprise innovation system,the main technical support of technological progress and technological innovation and also the important component of  science and technology innovation system of Zhejiang Province.

The UWNTEK control equipment and control system research and development center of the provincial high-tech enterprise aims to accelerate the transformation of relevant scientific and technological achievements of control equipment and control system into the real productive forces and promote the industrialization of high and new technology;To carry out the research and development of control equipment and control system related technology and industrialization;To enhance the competitiveness of the company is the core,to form the dominant product of independent intellectual property rights is the object,continuous research and development of new technology, new technology and new products with market prospect and competitiveness;to play a role of radiation to the economic and related industries of Zhejiang province;to be a base for training high level researchers, engineers and technicians.

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