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second prize in National science and technology progress Release time:2017-01-13 View count:

9thJanuary,TheChinese Communist Party Central Committeeand the state council held a grand national science and technology award conference in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, rewarded scientific and technical personnel and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to China's scientific and technological progress, economic and social development and national defense modernization.The completed high safety complete set of special control devices and systems project Hangzhou UWNTEK Automation system co., LTD. participated inwon the second prize of scientific and technological progress. It is also a great honor to be awarded since the first prize of Research and application of design and development platform for high-end control equipment and systems project in 2013.

What is complete set of specific control devices?

The complete set of specific control unit is the control device for the high integration of key industrial equipment in the fields of energy, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, national defense and public works.It has strict requirements for reliability, timeliness, precision and especially safety,it is an urgent and arduous task to develop such a high safety complete set of control devices.The scientific research team led by professor Wang Wenhai,cooperate with Shanghai electric group co. LTD ,Hangzhou UWNTEK Automation co. LTD,Shanghai Mitsubishi elevator co., LTD and otherequipment manufacturing and application enterprises,a series of key technologies have made break through such as function safety and engineering safety,a complete set of control devices and systems for the safety and stable operation of the guarantee control system are successfully developed. 


The device and system have been applied in more than 13000 sets of key industrial equipment in the fields of steam turbine, dc furnace, elevator and environmental protection,technical and economic indicators have reached international advanced level,the products are exported to 32 countries including the United States, Japan, Korea and Russia.Bringing out 104 patents of authorized inventions.

上一條:Hangzhou UWNTEK Automation company was recognized as the research and development center下一條:The 2013 National science and technology progress first prize