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Technology Center

We, Hangzhou UWNTEK Automation System Co., Ltd, built up our Cooperation Technology Center in NERC.IA, Zhejiang Univ, have leading innovation concept and abundant technology resources. Our responsibility is industrialization, spreading and service of next-generation control technology. Our business and products involve researching and developing, manufacturing as well as marketing service of: Distributed Control System, Programmable Logic Controller, Intelligent Instrumentation, Software Platform for Control Engineering, Large-scale Equipment Automation System. We believe in values of “Practice, Innovation, Dedication and Profession”; We insist in concepts of “People as Foundation, Market as Guidance, Quality as Vitality, Reciprocation as Goal”; Experienced from technology innovation and market expanding, we have built up a cooperation team of Enterprise Management, Research & Development and Project Engineering Service which is reasonably constructed, experienced, united, diligent, enterprising and innovative. Over 50 percent of research & development stuffs possess master’s degree or PhD.


R & D system

Based on a national engineering research center of industrial automation, intelligent instrument and control device for joint technology center is built with its own core technology as the foundation, combinedwith cooperation and development, technical collaboration means, rDevelop smart meter and control system product lineBuild development and design platform of intellectual instrument and control device,construct the core technology structure which owns independent intellectual property,develop excellent control system and intellectual instrument products include distributed control system, general display control instrument, programmable controller, safety instrument system, control engineering application software platform.The specific measures are as follows:

Focus on the analysis of common critical technology platform,focus on the development and manufacture of high techonology mass production products, meet the individual demands of customers;

Switch from technology to technology and market dual-wheel drive,the developing destination is to meet the requirements of customers,increase the function and decrease the costs,instead of blindly pursuing high points;

Establish product testing center, strengthen test and test methods, improve product reliability, stability and adaptability;

Strenghten and perfect the technology management,actively carry out technical exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad,collect and master the technical trends and information of domestic and foreign industries in time.


January 1998,large scale paper mill productive process computer control won the second prize of award for scientific and techonological advancement issued by State Education Commission;

December 2004,large scale paper mill productive process modeling,control and optimization won the first prizeof scientific and technological progress in Zhejiang province;  

January 2005,the modern control theory of pulping and papermaking process won the second prize of nature science award issued by Ministry of Education;

Novermber 2005,a full intergrated new generation of master control system won the first prize of scientific and technological progress award in Zhejiang province;

December 2008, equipment automation system design and development platform won the first prize of scientific and technological progress issued by ministry of education;

December 2010,won national high-tech enterprises, Zhejiang software enterprises, Hangzhou innovative pilot enterprises, Quality Management System and other enterprises certification;

December 2011,won "national excellent technology worker";The UW500 control system won the most competitive innovation product of China automation industry in 2011;

December 2013,Research and application of high-end control equipment and system design platform won the first prize of scientific and technological progress ;

December 2014,The development and application of intelligent sets of special control devices and systems won the first prize of Advanced science and technology progress award issued by Ministry of Education.

September 2016,863 program development and application of high - scale PLC programmable automation system development and apllication pass the acceptance

January 2017,High safety complete sets of control devices and systems won the second prize of National scientific and techonological progress.

advanced Technology Foresight

Conduct research and development of design and development platform for security control system and equipment automation system around high reliability and safety computer system, large high-speed paper machine equipment control system, high-speed train running control system including:

Basic theory and application of control system reliability, availability, maintainability and safety analysis;

Fault - safe software platform fault-tolerant technology and function test specification, test standard, safety assessment technology research;

Control system visual programming language and simulation, online debugging technology research;

Automation system integration design platform based on multi-dimensional equipment model;

Process industrial nonstructural data mass storage and quick retrieval mechanism;

The applied research of control system in in papermaking, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, nuclear power, transportation and other industries.