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Hangzhou UWNTEK automatic system Co.,Ltd, supported by National Engineering Research Center of Industrial Automation and National laboratory of control engineering of Zhejiang University,implement the technical concept of "adhering to the leading science and technology of zhejiang university, focusing on the major requirements of control engineering, providing high-quality and stable control products, and meeting the individual needs of industry users",the joint technical center of automation instrument and control device of zhejiang university is established through the cooperation of industry and research;more than 50% of the technical team posses master's or doctoral degree, with reasonable professional composition, solid scientific research accumulation and rich technical experience, a unique computer control system is formed, in terms of reliable design technology, data I/O technology, real-time control technology, real-time database technology, software platform technology and other key core technologies, there are 11 major innovations and technological breakthroughs.In the field of industrial automation, as the first and second executer,  UWENTEK won 1 first prize of National prize for progress in science and technology, 2 second prize; 3 first prize of provincial level, 1 second prize ;We have obtained more than 20 software copyright items and more than 30 patents.

Company leadership

Corporate culture

Corporate objectives

Create the best control system product, become the leading product 

manufacturer and professional solution service provider in automation domain

Operation principle

Take the talent is fundamental ,market for leading, quality for life and  win-win for the purpose

Quality principle

Provide high-quality and stable automation products to meet the automation needs of industry users

Technology bearing


Shared value


Organizational structure